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KOJ Interiors ISO Certification

Whilst this time working from home has been challenging under a 24/7 lockdown we have been using the time wisely to help create some free online content specifically for those who are really feeling the effects of these unprecedented times so please head over to our Youtube channel: KOJ Interiors for more information! With the [...]

Top Tips on Choosing The Right Cat A and Fitted Space

Hi everyone, my name’s Daniel Leese and I’m the Head of Business Development for KOJ Interiors. For those of you that don’t know KOJI, we are the leading self-delivery interior fit out company in the GCC! I hope everyone is keeping safe and staying at home! We find ourselves in unfamiliar territory so I myself [...]

Novel Coronavirus: Where Did It Start And Where Are We At Now?

The coronavirus or also known as COVID-19 has spread to nearly every country since it first came out in Wuhan, a province in China last December of 2019. More than 860,000 people are known to be infected and over 42,000 deaths have been recorded all over the world. Whilst scientist all over the world are [...]

Emirati Astronaut Hazza Al Mansouri Puts the United Arab Emirates on the (Space) Map

September 25th was indeed a momentous day for the UAE with the first Emirati Astronaut Hazza Al Mansouri ascending to space, joined by Russian commander Oleg Skripochka and NASA astronaut Jessica Meir onboard the Soyuz MS-15 spacecraft at Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The journey was part the UAE’s National Space Programme developed by Mohammed Bin [...]

New Tourism Hotspot: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Opens Its Doors to Foreign Leisure Travelers and Investors

This is not a drill. Yes, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is finally welcoming travelers from over 49 countries including all EU citizens, US, Japan, New Zealand, Ukraine, and Australia (to name a few) for tourism, signaling an important turning point for this majestic country. We’re sure you’ve seen ads all over social media recently [...]

The Amazon Inferno: Where Are We At Now?

One could’ve sworn tech company Amazon predicted the deforestation of the world’s largest rainforest when they invented the Amazon Fire (TV Stick) back in 2014. Little did they know, those two words will once again be at the center of global news, only this time, as imposing threats to the survival of the human race. [...]

The Death of Okjökull: Memorial Held for the 1st Iceland Glacier Lost to Global Warming

Climate change remains to be a controversial topic which continues to spark a lot of skepticism. But whether you’re a doubter or a believer, you cannot deny that the world is changing before our very eyes. Recent events such as heatwaves in otherwise cold areas in the UK and Alaska; consistent sea level rise (3.3 [...]

Setting Up Office: Mainland VS Freezone

by Daniel Leese, Head of Business Development One of the biggest dilemmas most company owners and foreign investors who are planning to set up office in the United Arab Emirates is choosing between Mainland vs Freezone entities. Having full disclosure of the available options is key to the decision making process and ultimately, the success [...]

Unsilenced: The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Climate and Environment Launches a New Website to Report Animal Cruelty

Having a pet is a form of therapy, a refuge after a long day at work and a source of happiness amid the chaotic city life. This is especially significant in the United Arab Emirates where most residents are expats longing for the comforts of home. However, adopting an animal means undertaking the full parental [...]

Interior Fit Out 101: Permits Made Easy

Nailing the permits and paperwork approvals required to kick off a fit out project in the United Arab Emirates can be a daunting task. But no matter how you much you stall, sidestep, or try to work around it, it just has to be done. So instead of dodging this all-important issue, let’s address it [...]

Designing Happy Cities in the Middle East

Building for the People The environment we create for people to live, work, and play is important to maintain the happiness meter to a healthy level. Especially in the United Arab Emirates, where expats are away from the comforts of home. On a recent event hosted consultancy by giant AESG and as reported by Construction [...]

Ask KOJI: Top 10 FAQs Answered

The idea of renovating your commercial space or starting your business from scratch is indeed a daunting task. Especially if you’re a newbie entrepreneur or an office manager who has limited knowledge in the design and build aspects of a space. Don’t fret, we’ve anwered our top 10 FAQs to get you started. We’ll shed [...]

Busted: 3 Project Management Myths

Amid the United Arab Emirates’ continuous construction boom, it is not without its share of mishaps. Behind the opening of a shiny new restaurant or the inauguration of a commercial office building, lies the hard truth that it probably took blood, sweat, and tears of a team of tradesmen, engineers, designers, and on top of [...]

Mihyar and Mikyajy Wins ‘Most Admired Store Design’ at the Images RetailME Awards 2019

Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, April 8th, 2019: . It was a night to remember. Retail giants across the KSA came together to attend the annual Images RetailME Awards ceremony. Kamal Osman Jamjoom Group’s homegrown brands and KOJ Interior’s long standing partners came out on top, taking home the ‘Most Admired Fashion Store Design’ and […]

DINING HOTSPOT: KOJ Interiors Teamed Up with Taqado Mexican Kitchen Once Again; Completing Its Central Park Towers, Dubai International Financial Centre’s Branch in Just 35 days!

Calling all taco lovers! Kamal Osman Jamjoom Interiors brings its design and fit out expertise to the new Taqado Mexican Kitchen’s free standing restaurant in DIFC, United Arab Emirates. The new foodie hub showcases Taqado’s signature Latin flavor and more.   Here’s how we managed to tick all the boxes on this project.