Busted: 3 Project Management Myths

Amid the United Arab Emirates’ continuous construction boom, it is not without its share of mishaps. Behind the opening of a shiny new restaurant or the inauguration of a commercial office building, lies the hard truth that it probably took blood, sweat, and tears of a team of tradesmen, engineers, designers, and on top of that, project managers to pull everything together from start to finish.

Whether you’re a business representative looking for a contractor to work on your commercial space or is a project manager struggling to make key decisions, here are simple yet often overlooked project management myths debunked. Hope this provides a clearer picture of the realities behind the scenes.

1. Customers are always right.
While it is true that a collaborative approach between client and contractor is key for successful project execution, it is important to draw the line between the customer and service provider. The road to the finish line is steep and there are variables that only a true expert in the industry can navigate through. The telltale signs of a good contractor are not the communication method but what they communicate – they should be able to provide research/fact-based data.
2. On time project delivery is the top priority.
This is a tricky one. Although time can often make or break a deal, compromising on quality should never be secondary. A case to case basis approach can be considered but remember, prevention is better than cure. It is easier to nail an MEP design the first time than redoing it after just a few years due to faulty design execution. One should work for the longevity of use, and more importantly, user satisfaction and safety.
3. Failure means the death of a project
How many times have you heard the saying fall 7 times, get up 8? The interior fit-out industry has many moving parts that can derail unexpectedly. Risks are inevitable, hence one should adapt to the changes along the way, using failures as tools to fine tune the process moving forward. A solid contingency plan is also very important. Preparation is key.
So there you go, hope these factors will no longer be hindrances to nailing your next big project.

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