Unsilenced: The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Climate and Environment Launches a New Website to Report Animal Cruelty

Having a pet is a form of therapy, a refuge after a long day at work and a source of happiness amid the chaotic city life. This is especially significant in the United Arab Emirates where most residents are expats longing for the comforts of home.

However, adopting an animal means undertaking the full parental responsibility and sadly, a lot of expatriates end up leaving their furry friends when they move out of the country. It can be due to financial constraints or sometimes, sheer irresponsibility. Even worse, we see a lot of animal cruelty by either pet owners or strangers to homeless animals.

Luckily, the UAE Ministry of Climate and Environment have launched a new website to report such abuse ⁠— a government portal that will put offenders in their place and possibly in jail.

The public can now report:

1. All Forms of Animal Abuse

Whether it be physical abuse, neglect, or abandonment, all are equally inhumane.

2. Incidents of Animal Born Diseases

Communicable diseases in animals can spread like wildfire and can affect both pets and humans.

3. Possession of Illegal Animals

Wild animals belong to the wild. Keeping them in a domesticated environment deprives them of the freedom to thrive in their natural habitat and can be a safety hazard to the caretakers.

4. Poor Veterinary Facilities

As with human healthcare, it is important that pet clinics adhere to all health and safety standards imposed by the UAE government.
Whether you’re pet owner or a just a concerned resident, giving our furry friends the best quality of life should be valued. We are lucky to live in a country that supports such causes.
Sources: https://www.thenational.ae/uae/uae-ministry-launches-website-for-public-reporting-of-animal-cruelty-1.887355

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