Mission Possible: KOJ Interiors Completes Dragon Oil’s Dubai Headquarters in Just 26 Days!

We promised, we delivered. It was yet another challenging feat for the KOJ Interiors team to pull off the big boys task to design and build the interiors of one of the pioneers in the oil and gas industry — company giant Dragon Oil

So here’s how we did it:

Pressing Timeline (no problem!)
If there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s working under strict time frames. And the pressure for us to create a working environment that’s both practical and inspiring for Dragon Oil’s employees in just 40 days was not something we took lightly. With our winning team working rigorously round the clock, we managed to hand over right on schedule — total of 26-day working time considering some unforeseen factors.
Night Owls
The building houses active business offices which meant we needed to keep the heavy work to a minimum during the day. Our skilled laborers was up all night doing the dirty work to finish on time. Now that’s dedication!

The result

  •   The project increased by almost 100% and the timeline reduced by 25%
  •   We relocated over 350 staff, office computer and equipment, plus over 100desks and chairs in only 2 nights. All PC’s and internet networks were up and running in 24 hours

What we’ve learned:

  •   We learned to love late night Dominos Pizza binge
  •   Passion and perseverance turns challenges into exciting victories!
  •   Nothing is impossible when you have the best team

Until our next project…

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