The Amazon Inferno: Where Are We At Now?

One could’ve sworn tech company Amazon predicted the deforestation of the world’s largest rainforest when they invented the Amazon Fire (TV Stick) back in 2014. Little did they know, those two words will once again be at the center of global news, only this time, as imposing threats to the survival of the human race.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have seen images like this:

The media coverage around the story have been overwhelming with graphic images as reflections of the grim truth: The Amazon is burning…and humans are to blame.

But what are the real implications of this natural disaster now and for our future? Let’s look at the facts:

The Statistics:

The UAE recognizes the urgency this pressing issue presents and is not taking it lightly. With the formation of United Arab Emirates Ministry of Climate Change & Environment, the road towards saving our planet continues.


• 75,000 fires recorded between January 1st to August 2019

• 85% increase in forest fire compared to last year

2. Global Forest Watch Fires

• A total of 647,548 fire alerts recorded between January 1st to August 2019
• Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (WIIRS) shows roughly the same data as last year in terms of forest fire alerts

The Opportunists

So why are they setting this paradise on fire in the first place? The answer: money. The million dollar lucrative business of trading in land for livestock is the root cause of this tragedy. As the demand for animal produce increases, so is the square meter of land deforested. There are always ethical solutions to solving supply and demand problem, however greed and lack of simple empathy can lead to destructive actions.

The Amazon is Not Alone

On the other side of the world, another fire catastrophe is taking place. Over 7.9 million acres of land in Siberia (in the remote parts of Russia) have been engulfed in forest fires since July of this year. The affected areas might be smaller compared to the Amazon, but is as detrimental in terms of its environmental effects. Sadly, the local authorities have kept this hush hush, and the petitions to bring this silence to a stop has since been launched by the Russian Chapter of Greenpeace. Join in to help!

Final Thoughts

Like the issue of global warming, there are different opinions on the true effects of the Amazonian jungle fires. Some say it will deplete the world of its oxygen supply, meanwhile, there’s also an argument that the ocean supplies most of our breathable oxygen anyway (but then again we’re destroying the oceans and its inhabitants too).
Either way, as we cannot ignore that man-made disasters are happening now, and are worsening as we become more technologically advanced as humans. If we don’t act now, the detrimental effects of our actions towards our own planet will no longer be a subject for debate, but a reality we will face in the near future.

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