The Death of Okjökull: Memorial Held for the 1st Iceland Glacier Lost to Global Warming

Climate change remains to be a controversial topic which continues to spark a lot of skepticism. But whether you’re a doubter or a believer, you cannot deny that the world is changing before our very eyes. Recent events such as heatwaves in otherwise cold areas in the UK and Alaska; consistent sea level rise (3.3 milliliters/year according to NASA); and just this August 1st, a photo was released by NASA showing the demise of Okjökull glacier atop the Ok volcano in Iceland. This was the first glacier ever declared extinct due to global warming.

A Memorial for Okjökull

A group of over 100 scientists, researchers and spectators gathered around where the once majestic Okjökull ‘Ok glacier’ glacier stood, commemorating the loss and emphasizing that this is not the last if humans continue to disregard this pressing issue.

1 of 400

It is only the beginning. Over 400 other glaciers in this subarctic island are predicted to vanish in the next 200 years. A time many of today’s generation may no longer live to see, but will have direct effects on our children, grandchildren, and so forth

UAE’s Fight Against Climate Change

The UAE recognizes the urgency this pressing issue presents and is not taking it lightly. With the formation of United Arab Emirates Ministry of Climate Change & Environment, the road towards saving our planet continues.
“Climate change is one of the most important environmental issues at the national and global levels, given its economic, social and environmental impacts. This issue has received considerable and early attention in the UAE and the country has exerted numerous efforts to address the effects of climate change and to adapt to its potential impacts on ecosystems and economic sectors. In line of these efforts, the UAE has adopted important policies, including the economic diversification policy, focusing on green economy, energy sources diversification policy, focusing on renewable and clean energy and promoting energy efficiency, sustainable transport policy, sustainable urban planning, etc.
The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, in collaboration with its partners in the public and private sectors, is working to bolster efforts to deal with climate change, in terms of mitigation and adaptation, through the National Climate Change Plan 2050, adopted by the Cabinet in June 2017, and the National Climate Change Adaptation Program, adopted at the first annual meeting of the UAE Government in September 2017, in addition to other relevant policies and programs.”
Small Efforts, Big Impact
Kamal Osman Jamjoom Group and KOJ Interiors are spearheading internal efforts to support the environment through simple actions. Energy consumption regulation through building solar power generated warehouse/ offices, energy efficient bulbs, and air condition temperature regulation to name a few – all contributes to decreasing carbon dioxide emission, which is the biggest culprit of global warming.
The earth is our home. It’s where us as humans thrive, where we create and build our dreams, where we get our sustenance to live a long, happy, and healthy lives. It is our responsibility to take care and nourish it not just for ourselves but for the generations to come.
So the next time you dispose of plastic, turn on your car engine, purchase the latest gadgets, think twice. The earth’s future is in our hands and we must act now.

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