New Tourism Hotspot: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Opens Its Doors to Foreign Leisure Travelers and Investors

This is not a drill. Yes, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is finally welcoming travelers from over 49 countries including all EU citizens, US, Japan, New Zealand, Ukraine, and Australia (to name a few) for tourism, signaling an important turning point for this majestic country.

We’re sure you’ve seen ads all over social media recently where various catch phrases like ‘This is not the Maldives’ or ‘this is not Bali’ were shown, while clips of top destinations like Rub Al Khali, Jeddah’s Old Souq, Red Sea diving spots are flashed on the screen — All scenic places most didn’t know existed, until now.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have seen images like this:

Al Madina Almuwarah
The historic milestone marks an important time in history for KSA and the GCC. The new visa regime aims to attract not only travelers but also potential investors with the aim to help contribute 10 percent of gross domestic product by 2030. Foreigners can obtain a 90-day multiple entry visa valid for a year and will cost SAR 440 (431 AED) + VAT.
Among the top destination as reported by Gulf News online include:
• Madain Saleh in Al Ula, the largest conserved site of the civilisation of the
Nabataeans south of Petra in Jordan
• Al Turaif District in Ad Diriyah, the first capital of the Saudi state
• Historic Jeddah, the Gate to Mecca, characterized by a distinctive architectural tradition
• Rock Art in the Hail Region, showing 10,000-year old inscriptions of human and animal figures
• Al Ahsa Oasis, with 2.5 million date palms the largest oasis in the world.
Tourism chief Ahmed Al Khateeb announced that abayas are not mandatory for women but modest dressing is a must. One can enjoy the sites and culture whilst respecting traditions and culture of this beautiful country.

The UAE has been known to embrace foreign cultures as highlighted by this 2019 being dubbed as ‘Year of Tolerance’. KSA following this trend is an exciting breakthrough not only for this part of the world, but globally.

For more info, visit: ; additional credits: The National & Gulf News.

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