KOJ Interiors ISO Certification

Whilst this time working from home has been challenging under a 24/7 lockdown we have been using the time wisely to help create some free online content specifically for those ...
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Novel Coronavirus: Where Did It Start And Where Are We At Now?

The coronavirus or also known as COVID-19 has spread to nearly every country since it first came out in Wuhan, a province in China last December of 2019. More than ...
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Emirati Astronaut Hazza Al Mansouri Puts the United Arab Emirates on the (Space) Map

September 25th was indeed a momentous day for the UAE with the first Emirati Astronaut Hazza Al Mansouri ascending to space, joined by Russian commander Oleg Skripochka and NASA astronaut ...
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New Tourism Hotspot: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Opens Its Doors to Foreign Leisure Travelers and Investors

This is not a drill. Yes, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is finally welcoming travelers from over 49 countries including all EU citizens, US, Japan, New Zealand, Ukraine, and Australia ...
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The Amazon Inferno: Where Are We At Now?

One could’ve sworn tech company Amazon predicted the deforestation of the world’s largest rainforest when they invented the Amazon Fire (TV Stick) back in 2014. Little did they know, those ...
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The Death of Okjökull: Memorial Held for the 1st Iceland Glacier Lost to Global Warming

Climate change remains to be a controversial topic which continues to spark a lot of skepticism. But whether you’re a doubter or a believer, you cannot deny that the world ...
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Setting Up Office: Mainland VS Freezone

One of the biggest dilemmas most company owners and foreign investors who are planning to set up office in the United Arab Emirates is choosing between Mainland vs Freezone entities ...
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Unsilenced: The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Climate and Environment Launches a New Website to Report Animal Cruelty

Having a pet is a form of therapy, a refuge after a long day at work and a source of happiness amid the chaotic city life. This is especially significant ...
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