Food & Beverage | Fit-Out
Client Corporate Kitchen
LOCATION Airport Rd., Dubai UAE
KOJI managed to complete a demonstration kitchen for one of our clients during the difficult time of COVID. The project also served as a high-end restaurant and an entertaining dining area for the client’s senior management. The project comprised of the demolition of the existing kitchen and welfare unit. Full fit-out of the kitchen, including the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and kitchen equipment, was also part of the work scope. The project faced many challenges, such as gaining a NOC from relevant authorities to allow the use of a crane to lift the 6,500kg HVAC units onto the roof, six penetrations in the roof to allow the ducting to pass into the building, etc. Along with these challenges, there were also occasions of cloud seeding that we had to face and at the same time bring in shipments from China, Italy, Germany, and the USA while adhering to the UAE government’s lockdown restrictions. The project was designed by KEANE BRANDS. However a special mention of our operations team for risking their health to make sure the project was not delayed and also our design team for their support on the pre-construction phase